Once upon a time...


I found my own viral success in the heart of my hometown of Waterloo, Canada. Armed with a keyboard, a WIFI connection and a love for fashion and Disney, I began creating on-trend outfits based off of Disney characters using clothing and accessories that anyone could find at their local mall or in their own closet. I started posting pictures of these outfits on my blog, which I called DisneyBound.

What started out as a few hundred followers and views quickly grew into tens of thousands. Three weeks after the first layout was made, I was invited to appear on CTV's Canada AM to talk about what I was doing with DisneyBound. Now sitting at a over half a million followers across all social channels, DisneyBound has offered me the ability to learn from my virality and develop large accounts and campaigns which have a massive reach. Among a long list of incredible opportunities, this success has also allowed me to become a regular blog contributor for Disney's fashion blog "Disney Style".

Today, the DisneyBounding community has grown exponentially with involvement all over the world. In the past year I have visited every Disney park and property worldwide, and it still amazes me how far DisneyBounding has come since its humble beginnings. What started out as a simple blog title is now a pop culture verb; DisneyBounding is a way for people to express their love for their favourite Disney characters through fashion and the clothing that they wear.

Check it out for yourself!