Customized Campaign Development

Every company is different and has their own set of unique online marketing needs. There is not a "one-size-fits-all" strategy when it comes to social media and your brand's social strategies should reflect that. 


Content creation

Creative, original content is a key aspect to custom campaign development. Ensuring you have weekly content outside of UGC (user generated content), curated content and promotional pieces is a part of every campaign I run. 

Should it be a required part of your strategy—a social circle of professional photographers, videographers and graphic designers will be made available to you. 


Community building and engagement

Community is important—what is a social media footprint without the followers/patrons/clients who have helped you build it. Making sure your following is engaged and more importantly involved in your social media strategy is the foundation of a great campaign.






Brand Advocate Programs

A Brand Advocate program is the best way to give back to influencers who support your company, develop a community, create a following, build out your social media footprint and entice new comers pay a visit to your shop, buy your product or engage in the experiences you offer.


Brand Development 

Your brand is the most important part of your social media strategy. Without a clear, concise and engaging brand—you may deter your potential clients/customers from purchasing whatever it may be that you are selling. 

Re-branding might be an important step which can help to introduce your brand to the world of social media and the following you are trying to obtain. 

Analytical Reporting

Providing clients with weekly/monthly reports helps to ensure goals are being met, where your follower's interests lie, when and how they engage with your brand and what more can be done to grow your brand's online social presence.